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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been the "family Photographer". As a child, my Kodak Instamatic, with its attachable flashbulb cubes, recorded every family trip, event and pet antic. As I grew up, my camera changed but my love of photography remained the same. Today, there is absolutely no wall space left in my home that isn't adorned with beautiful images of my family It brings me constant joy each and every time I walk past them and I hope I can do the same for my clients.


Constants in my life are family, animals and nature. I've always contended that my adorable kids and pets are the most photographed on the planet.


My love of nature morphed into a career as I spent many years working as a naturalist and an environmental educator. I believe that my appreciation and comfort around children, animals and in nature is reflected in my photography.

I like to photograph clients in the environment that they feel most comfortable so that their true personality shines through. Be it outside or inside, photo shoots are fun, creative and relaxing.


Kind Words

"We want to tell you how much people have raved about the photos - you did a phenomenal job!! You captured the moments in the most natural and spectacular way and we are so delighted to have such meaningful and beautiful photos of the kids."
Diane P.

"Thank you again for the beautiful pictures of Cocoa.
Your warm and friendly approach made Cocoa feel very comfortable and you were able to capture so many of her loveable expressions. 

I will treasure these pictures forever."
Anna C


."Natalie makes having your picture taken so much fun. There is a calming spirit to her that make you relax so she can capture the true you!"

Angella M.

Contact Me

51 Riverside Drive

Woodbridge, Ontario


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